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  • 12 Apr 2018 9:32 AM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    aAs member of the Pharo Association you now get a 20% reduction on the new Pharo book:

    Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design with TDD in Pharo

  • 19 Jan 2018 4:16 PM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    Here are the next dates for the Pharo Techtalks.

    • Jan 30: Pharo TechTalk: Genetic Algorithms Link
    • Feb 15: Contributing to Pharo 7 Link

    For the others we have no topic yet, but dates are pre-fixed to:

    We are looking for topics!

    • If you have ideas for topics, please tell us! 
    • With no topic, we will use this slot for a general free discussion.
    • If you want to do a TechTalk about a topic but no date is good, we can change the date!

    For recording of the past ones, see:

  • 19 Jan 2018 4:14 PM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    We organise one Pharo “Sprint” per month were we meet to work on boring issue tracker entries together.

    Goals of the next sprints:

    • Fix issues for Pharo7
    • Backport important fixes to Pharo6
    • Clean issue tracker to prepare for release Pharo7

    Remotely, you can join us on Discord. During the sprint, we will try to synchronize local and remote Pharo sprinters. In the past people organised local sprints at the same time (e.g. Santiago/Chile). See here for more infos:

    There will be an event on the association website for each sprint. The next dates are:

    For more Pharo Event, have a look at the Events Page

  • 5 Jul 2017 11:45 AM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    PharoDays happened May 18/19. Two days of talks about Pharo, Demos, Discussions and a nice Conference Diner.

    We recorded all talks and they are online now!

    If you missed PharoDays this year, the next chance to meet the community will be ESUG, the yearly Smalltalk Conference. This ist September 4-8 in in Maribor, Slovenia. For more information, have a look at

  • 13 Jun 2017 11:18 AM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    Members of the Pharo Association now have access to the Pharo Ephemeric Cloud. 

    Login here with you association account:

    • Here you can find a quick start guide to Ephemeric cloud and some tips on how to publish your app: Link.
    • Also there is a REST API you can use to manage the cloud. And there is also a Pharo wrapper around the REST-API.

    We also have video guides: 

  • 30 Nov 2016 4:36 PM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    The association website now has a description of members benefits. 


  • 10 Nov 2016 2:38 PM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    The new Pharo Association Website is now completely functional! 

  • 2 Nov 2016 6:19 PM | Marcus Denker (Administrator)

    We are working on a new solution for managing the Association. A new site is being set up. All users have been imported. We are working on getting the setup completed (e.g. move to for email sending). Stay tuned!

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The Pharo Association is a French Association of law 1901 (non-profit organization). It is registered as "Association Pharo" W595018475

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