This is the Pharo users association site

Pharo is a clean, innovative, open-source Smalltalk-inspired environment.

Welcome to the Pharo user association. Its goal is to let individuals support the promotion and development of Pharo. Indeed there is a Pharo consortium for legal entities such as companies, universities, associations and the Pharo association. These are two different things: the association is for individuals and the consortium for legal entities. The association is a Loi de 1901 french association. The idea behind the association is that even as single person we can get an impact because we group together. So if you like Pharo and you want to support it, just join the association and help us changing our future.

The goal of Pharo is to deliver a clean, pure, reflective object-oriented language inspired by Smalltalk. Our second objective is to create an ecosystem composed of universities, research institutes and teams as well as companies.

Support Pharo, help us to build our future together.

Broadcast news

Ubuntu packages and their PPA looking for a maintainer

On 26 September 2014 10:14 pm by Pharo Weekly
Damien Cassou the maintainer of Ubuntu package is looking for a maintainer. He announced the following: I’ve recently switched my Linux distribution from Ubuntu to NixOS. This means I can no longer maintain the Ubuntu packages and their PPA ...

Blog translator

On 25 September 2014 10:13:20 pm by Pharo Weekly
AnnounceTips'n Tricks
Udo Schneider wrote a nice blog article on how to use block as translators. All, I just finished a blog entry. It shows how to use Smalltalk blocks as parsers/translators. E.g. translating a Block [:customer | (customer joinDate year is: Date...

New release of SciST

On 23 September 2014 3:14 pm by Pharo Weekly
Dear all, we are to happy to announce SciSmalltalk v0.14 SciSmalltalk is a new Smalltalk project, similar to existing scientific libraries like NumPy, SciPy for Python or SciRuby for Ruby. SciSmalltalk already provide the following basic functiona...